Fillderma Ultra 2x1ML

Treats medium and deep wrinkles, whilst restoring facial volume.


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  • Fillderma Ultra is a sterile, viscoelastic gel of crosslinked hyaluronic acid, transparent and of synthetic origin, suitable for médium and deep wrinkles, lipoatrophy and facial fat loss.

    What comes in the box?

    • 25mg/ml cross-linked hyaluronic acid (high viscosity)
    • 4 x 27G needles (13mm)

    What can Fillderma Ultra be used for?

    Medium and deep wrinkles and treatment of facial volume loss.

    What are the benefits of Fillderma Ultra?

    • Treats nasogenian folds and marionette lines
    • Corrects fat loss in cheeks and chin
    • Máximum concentration of H.A (25 mg/ml)
    • Single-phase: without correction
    • Easy to inject and mold
    • Very low content in protein and endotoxins
    • Low risk of side effects
    • Highly durable and resistant to degradation
    • Syringes designed to provide ease of use: wider support, wide piston, thin needle and Luer-Lock cap


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